Lindsay Malloy

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Hello and welcome to Plan Create Educate! My name is Lindsay Malloy and I am a 3rd grade teacher in Southern Colorado. I have a bit of an unusual background. I actually taught for 3 years right out of college, had a couple bad experiences and LEFT teaching! *gasp* I became a digital marketer for IBM Watson for 5 years and found I also love everything about online: blogs, social media, graphic design, email marketing, the whole shebang. Then they asked me to move to New York, which I declined, because #mountains. And now, drumroll… I returned to my original passion: TEACHING!

I had no idea that I missed teaching so much. Like extremely missed. My administration definitely failed me my first few years of teaching and there weren’t any teachers online sharing what they did and how they overcame their struggles in the classroom. Last year I definitely wouldn’t have made it through my first year back in the classroom as well as I did without the advice and awesome resources that I found online from other teachers. Plus, I have an AMAZING administration at my current school, so I couldn’t be happier. I feel like without my experience away from teaching, I wouldn’t feel this extreme passion that I feel now to stay in my original profession! You know, the one I dreamed of being in since I was a little girl with my classroom full of American Girl dolls and handmade tiny textbooks and worksheets.

It’s amazing what a little support can do for a teacher, right? So cue in Plan Create Educate. I wanted to create a website that shared everything that I have learned and created to share with other teachers just others have done for me! Sharing with other educators is what makes us better teachers. So here we go, y’all.