My district uses McGraw-Hill Wonders reading program and as a school we are inching towards full implementation of all of the components. Last year we started with requiring the Wall Cards to be posted, the Reader-Writer Workshop text used on days 1-2, the Anthology text used on days 3-5, and Phonics from the Wonders curriculum to be taught whole group in grades 3-5 (K-2 has other things).

Next year we’re implemented the Research Board and a reading notebook, which is something I already do! If you’re interested in seeing how I implement these 2 things next year, definitely let me know and I can share my implementation journey.

I love that my school is taking the program implementation in chunks because Wonders is A LOT of material! It’s a bit overwhelming at first! I started using The Teacher’s Guide unit print outs, but realized I don’t need each week on one page and all of that information that I already could grab from my weekly overview pages in my teacher’s guide. I just wanted something that told me what page the stories were on in the Reader-Writer Workshop textbook so I could quickly tell my students which page to turn to. This overview also helps with planning since I don’t even have to touch the teacher’s guide if I didn’t want to.

This is definitely a work in progress document for me right now, so if you want to catch updates, make sure you bookmark this page to catch updates from me later! This overview includes the essential questions, stories, and all of the strategies and skills for the week, all page numbers included.

Download the 3rd Grade Wonders Units Overview document to make planning super easy next year.