If there’s one thing I get super excited about during the summer, it’s setting up planners that start in July. I am slightly planner obsessed… Just slightly. Hold on as I hide my mountain of washi tape, endless supply of stickers and excessive collection of pens.

Setting up my Teacher Happy Planner before the year starts is something I love to do to get myself ready. And I know what you’re thinking, “Lindsay, it’s June.” Well, yes. But this is actually the first summer that I have spent after teaching doing nothing but what I want to do! And currently, I’m obsessed with my career and loving thinking and planning of what I want to do differently next year.

Cue in the planner setup. For all the teacher planner setup videos out there, I struggled to figure out what I wanted to incorporate in my teacher planner to be the most effective use of planner space. So enjoy the video!

Thanks for watching! I’d love to know what else you include in your teacher planner, comment below.

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